ZoomIn a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom is all the talk for online meetings. They are, one companies that has seen a huge growth from the shift to work from home throughout this time. Their ability to connect team members, clients, and students virtually – in a time where everyone it practicing social distancing – has brought new light to online services that can be used to effectively perform their work from home. Whether you’re an employee working remotely, helping your kids attend an online virtual school, or are simply wanting to see a friend or family member, meeting services like Zoom and others have risen in popularity.

Meetings of 40 minutes with Zoom or less are free, but beyond that and users must pay for their services. However, security issues have still come into play, causing some businesses to fall out of compliance.

This is the solution that we chose to utilize in our business to communicate effectively with our clients remotely when working on projects. However, there are a handful of online meeting systems out there that are pretty popular as well. Checkout some of these other popular platforms…

Google Hangouts

If you already use G-Suite, then you are probably familiar with Google Hangouts as it is offered for free that allows employees to chat or video chat with one another whenever needed. It has all of the basics from simple chat, screen sharing, add multiple callers and more. Upgrading to Google Hangouts Meet and external users outside of your business can also join in on your meetings.


With robust features and an intuitive and user-friendly interface, UberConference is an amazing software for web conferencing and online meetings, and to ease disruption from COVID-19, UberConference Free now allows longer call duration and up to 50 participants, and is completely Free to use!


This is a another great solution. GoToMeeting is a low cost solution, and has the ability to chat with up to 150 workers at once, and companies with more employees can easily upgrade their plan. With GoToMeeting, you never have to worry about running out of time and instead, talk with ease, via your computer or phone call-in. They’re the ones who have coined hashtag, #WorkFromHome.


An oldie but simple system to use, Skype offers unlimited free talk time, with the added ability to record calls so you can easily reference important meeting notes. This is a great solution for companies with 50 or less employees. Simply have workers download the app for unlimited video chat time throughout the workday.

Remote Meeting Spaces for Business Communication

Utilizing online meeting, conferencing and screen sharing platforms can be a great way to not only stay in touch as a business that’s been affected by the coronavirus, but to help keep workers actively engaged, on-point, communicating clearly, keep up the community feel and aspect of your business and even provide remote technical support for both clients and employees.

For more information on creating a simpler working-from-home experience, or for more insight into a good platform for your business to use, get in touch with Conceptualized Design today. We’re here to help!