Web Design CompanySurviving the Pandemic as a Web Design Company in Manhattan, KS

Wow! This has been one crazy year, right? To say that the whole COVID-19 was an expected blow to the local and global economy is an understatement…a Massive one. People, businesses and industries of all sizes across the globe have been hit hard!

Though, at some point, things will all get back to some resemblance of “new normal” right? Hopefully sooner than later…

Remember, that throughout all of this, our team is here with you, in the trenches to help keep your business up and running online.

How Conceptualized Design Became Remote

Due to the nature of Conceptualized Design, we’ve been thankfully resilient to many of the changes and happenings stemming from the pandemic. How is that? We are a team of local and remote freelancers. We are part-time workers and experts in our fields, with full-time gigs, who just have happened to work from home.

In 2011, we were established in a living room, while sitting on a couch and working on our computer connected to the internet and resting on a wooden foldable dinner tray table, while being powered up by a large cup of coffee. From 2011 – 2018, it was commonplace to work to 50-80 hours per week at more than one job per week in order to live and build the business and lay the foundation to what we have established today. Fortunately, from the start with our line of work, it allowed us to work from home and in our spare time to grow the business and keep our overhead low and from the start was an essential key to the success – learning to grow and run our business as lean, adaptable, and scalable as possible to grow and sustain the business.

In 2018, we were able to shift away from having multiple physical and remote jobs, over to 100% virtual, remote work through our business, while freelancing on the side for multiple web development companies around the globe to ensure continued sustainability and no downtime. When we had large projects come in, we were able to hire freelancers – each experts in their respective fields, where we worked together efficiently, using our project management software, keeping tasks and projects on-point, delivered on-time, and make wasted time a thing of the past.

We found innovative new ways to create client success through our service offerings and add-ons to help grow their business online and offline. We constantly strive to learn, adapt, and grow our business. Taking outdated methods, procedures, templates, and habits, throwing them out the window, and replace them with new and innovative solutions that worked, not only for us, but our clients as well.

Rolling with the Punches as a Web Design Company in Manhattan, KS

With the years of being in business, refining our processes and procedures, it helped us prepare for the pandemic more than we would know, that would allow us to continue our business with virtually (no pun intended) minimal disruption to our daily work and routines, while still caring for each of our customers every need.

However, from personal experience and with the sudden change of events that occurred, we knew that certain businesses would be more greatly affected than others, though, we would not know – to what extent. We checked in with our clients, and had clients reach out to us for help. We offered a variety of solutions to help in each individual case – from pauses to certain services, to discounts on new web projects, to help clients rebrand their business, and more to allow our customers to keep and/or reallocate their business funds to help them better sustain their business.

We are continually seeking to do what is right by our clients as we are all in this together.

Growing Our Web Design Company During the Pandemic

From the start of the pandemic we saw many clients and new potential customers pull back. Many were waiting to see what was happening and what would happen. The number of upcoming projects went down and we had time on our hands. What did we decide to do? We did an internal reflection of where we were and started working internally on our business to streamline our processes, then we shifted our focus to our clients websites – where we worked on making little updates and changes to many of our clients’ websites to support their businesses from behind the scenes, ensuring that their business online was being kept up-to-date, secure, mobile optimized and performing as it should.

What happened next? A few established businesses, new businesses, and customers started reaching out for help to – build their first business website, rebrand their existing business, prepare their business for online marketing, develop their digital strategy, and more. We established relationships with new clients, meanwhile growing our trust and loyalty with our existing clients.

This year has been, in no doubt, one of the most wild and crazy years yet to hit our lives. Though we are proud to be here along for the ride with our clients, helping them to grow their business, while at the same time helping new companies to establish themselves and help grow their businesses throughout these times. It’s moments like these that bring us together and come out stronger.

We would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve and support your business along the way.