Traveler Website Design

The DIY Traveler

Project Details:


The DIY Traveler

Business Type:

For Profit


Manhattan, KS


Web Design, Web Hosting

Services Provided:

Responsive Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Design

Traveler Website

Traveler Website Design

The DIY Traveler

The DIY Traveler is an extension of CARE Travel a Manhattan, Kansas based Travel Agency that focuses on travel agent services, destination weddings and more within the travel industry. CARE Travel was looking for a traveler website design to help with their new website and reached out to Conceptualized Design.

CARE Travel was looking to create a unique website for the DIY Traveler that was simple, clean, secure, and optimized. We helped to create their website built on a new theme and framework that would help with their site security, performance, and mobile optimizations to secure their online presence and help to increase online. 

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With websites and business niches becoming more competitive in today’s market, your business shouldn’t risk the chance of losing potential clients due to an outdated, unresponsive,  slow performing website or one that no longer fits your business brand and marketing objectives. We work together to put our extensive knowledge and expertise to create a solution custom-tailored to meet your business goals with:

  • Fully-branded and customized website design to suit your business.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of pages and content.
  • UX (User Experience) Strategy that is created for customers to easily navigate.
  • UI (User Interface) Strategy through good design and development with:
    • Mobile Responsive to fit on all devices from mobile phones, to tablets, laptops and desktops.
    • Cross-browser compatible to fit on all web browsers such as Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, & more.
  • Web Compliance with WCAG, ADA, W3C, Accessibility, Compatibility, Web Policies, and more.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) for increasing user engagement.
  • Fully-managed Web Hosting & Care Plans that are dedicated, secure, reliable hosting, and taking care of front-end and backend changes, fixes, security, support, and more.