Changes to Website Policies and Compliance in 2020

Website Policies and Compliance

Will Your Website Policies be Compliant in 2020? States across America are creating new website policies and laws to help protect its citizens. The problem here is that citizens visit websites that are located beyond state lines as well as countries borders. In the past, you may have heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) […]

Managed WordPress Web Hosting and Its Impact

wordpress web hosting

When you are setting up your business website, web hosting is one of the most important considerations in determining the success of your website. The more obvious and common choices are big online provides such as GoDaddy and others. Who hasn’t seen their commercials during the Super Bowl?  However, we would like to introduce you […]

6 Tips for Detecting a Hack Early

Website Care Plan

Even if you think you are doing everything right, there is always a chance your site will be hacked. If an attacker gains control of your website it can do a lot of damage to your site visitors, being blacklisted, hurt your SEO rankings, damage your brand and reputation, and even your business revenue. There […]